How do you pronounce your name anyway?




It is part CHIAnti, the red Italian wine. Part RA, the sun god of Ancient Egypt.
The rest, It is like Franky VALLI and the Four Season.

It translates to “clear valley” in Italian.

My First Name is Paolo (pah-aw-lo).

If I came on the Mayflower my name would have been Paul Clearvalley. I would have been a ballplayer. I came to America on a TWA flight 29 years ago from Milan, Italy. I’m an Art Director and Graphic Designer, Avid Skier, ex Rugby player, and Football (the European kind) watcher.

I started my career in Italy as an Assistant Art Director at the advertising agency DMB&B (D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowls) in the late ’80s. Looking for bigger and better, I moved to New York City to complete my education at Parsons School of Design and eventually work for the same Agency (where I stayed for 3 years) working with clients such as P&G (Pampers, Always, Charmin and Dash), Burger King, and I was part of the team that won the Alitalia account.


Looking for more fun and hands-on projects, I began working in Direct Marketing at Clarion Direct in
Greenwich, Connecticut, where I acquired experience in “acquisition” and “retention” for clients such as Chase, British Airways, Bell Atlantic, Southwestern Bell, Sprint. As part of the creative team, we won assignments from Cadillac, Disney, Columbia House CD-ROM Club, and more.

In the mid-’90s, I joined the online start-up, Unicast; one of the pioneers of rich-media online advertising. First as an Associate Creative Director and rising quickly to the title of Creative Director. As head of the creative department, I worked closely with Interactive Agencies, offering them creative services and solutions when not available internally.

In 1999 with the established connections I made in advertising, direct marketing and online, I started Chiaravalli Design, LCC, a one-stop-shop for “creative” that needs to have a simultaneous presence in Corporate, Advertising, Direct Marketing, Online, Promotions and more, by partnering up with Promotion Agencies, Experienced Programmers, Copywriter and Marketing Experts. In the last 3 decades, I have worked directly and via-agency with clients such as Consumer Reports, Hearst Publishing, Ranger Rick, Amex, ADP,, Medscape, AOL, and many more.

In 2001, with 2 partners, we created, since then, we have produced hundreds of successful promotions for companies like Party City, Disney, ESPN, GM, NBA, Gabes, Mary Kay, and many more. We generated Millions of uniques leads for large to small businesses and awarded thousands of prizes big and small!

If you are looking for a fresh creative approach for your brand, just email me at, and let’s take a trip together to the clear valley.

Thank you for taking the time to visit — I look forward to hearing from you!

Paolo Chiaravalli
Creative Thinker


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